Thursday, November 26, 2009


Normally I'm not very vocal or anything about watching Glee, but tonight so far its been pretty good.

The issue on the plate: gay crushes, teacher crushes, and the usual baby dramas.

The gay crush bit is pretty boring, and there's not a lot to it.
Just the gay kid having a crush on the jock, and them having to do a ballad together.

Though the teacher crush bit is pretty good. In the sense of examining the issue, and also entertaining that is.
Shoester (or however you spell it) sung a medley that had some real meaning behind the arrangement of the lines, and stereotypically Rachel didn't pick up on that meaning; being too under her crush to notice anything but his appearance and the sound of his voice, etc.
Oh look, and now some competition from a previous crush...

Anyway, not much point me retelling the whole storyline; but the point is that I've never before on this show seen such good facial expressions, they're both amusing and get their points across.
In fact at the beginning of the show, they were the highlight, as they told the story without words being spoken.
Then, as voiceovers were added in, it only served to add to the excitement of the scenes.
All in all, the most enjoyable episode so far. Although, it hasn't finished quite yet, so it still has a chance to make me cringe at the awkwardness like it usually does at some point...
I've still been enjoying it though :)

Xander Panda

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