Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Blog

Well, here I am. My new experiment; a Blog.

I'm hoping this will go somewhere, but if it doesn't: oh well.

As you can read in the About me, My name is Xander. I'm obviously not going to tell you my last name.
If you see me around, come say Hi! (telling me you saw my blog would be a good idea)
If you're wondering where the Panda in my name came about; a friend at uni started calling me that recently ("Xander Panda") and I also asked around on Twitter, and they came up with the same things.
So I decided to use it :)

This blog aims to let the world know of me and my talents' existence(s).
I'm still going through uni, so there will probably be times when this doesn't get updated for a little while. (for example I just had one day where I had three assignments due)

My first ideas for posting things are my recent Photomedia Assignment, a hardware project I did, and possibly some other Graphic Design related uni work.

I'm also looking for some possible freelance work - though I have no prior experience at this; but it should be fun.

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