Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Home Sweet Home & Celebrities

Got back to Perth yesterday, after spending a week and a half in Adelaide.
Boy am I glad to be back!

Things I've missed:
  • My own mattress and pillow. Next time I'm taking my pillow =]
  • A shower with proper water pressure
  • Proper food - dad can't cook for shit. I love mum's cooking
  • My desktop computer, with its dual monitors - you won't understand this one unless you use dual monitors
  • A decent download quota for the internet
  • My cats - they're so cute =]
  • Mum <3

There are also things I didn't miss, but I'm okay with them;
  • Cleaning the cat's tray
  • Dishes
  • Feeding the cats
  • Any other housework

I also miss the guy that I've fallen for, but that's not something that can be fixed until the 16th, and even then it will probably be a bit after that til I get to see him.
I do wish I could just get over him, but at the same time I don't want to. Therein lies the dilemma.
I do definitely wish he would txt back though,and even just txt me out of the blue like he was when he was txting me everyday. I miss that. But its for the better that he doesn't txt every day, as it was sending the wrong message. (oh look, an unintentional pun..)

Now to celebrities; well one in particular actually.
Josh Thomas.
He announced on his podcast recently that he has a boyfriend (and is therefore gay).
I found it immensely funny when I found this out. I saw a tweet about it, and so downloaded the latest podcast episode to hear for myself.
I can't say it surprised me really - my gaydar has always thought him a bit faggy (and its rarely wrong tbh).
I also think he's cute - but as he's a celebrity I know that there will only ever be the tiniest chance that anything will come of this celebrity crush.
Plus I have someone better in my sights whom I haven't given up on haha
It was also extremely funny when he RT'ed some girl who was said "if josh thomas is gay my life is ruined" she seems like such a stupid bitch.
I do think though that she didn't really mean it - if she did she needs some SERIOUS help!
Just an example of people saying stuff they don't know the meaning of. Harden the fuck up sugar; your life isn't ruined just because the celeb you constantly @ reply with stuff like "i wanna bang you" is actually gay...
I want to punch her in the face haha =]

Well, back to sorting out old boxes then packing some more - we're moving next week. eeek!
Don't really wanna move; it's further east than we currently are (and I didn't want to move here even). It about 10mins further east than Midland =[
At least we're getting naked. (and therefore ADSL2+, which we haven't been able to have so far)

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